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At Hair & Beauty HR we know how stressful it can be when things go wrong in your hair salon or barbers...


A growing salon needs to make a decision around staff and often the questions are: Should I rent a chair out to contractors, or employ stylists as part of the business?

Renting a chair to a freelance stylist has its pros and cons but if you rent out a chair it is important to have the right contract to protect your business.

Sick Pay

Sick pay can be confusing at time and as a business this can put additional strain of your resources. Beauty HR makes it simple and easy to manage when you need to pay, what records you need to keep and what actions you can take as a salon.

Performance Management

Beauty HR understands that your staff are the key to your success and making the management of your staff simpler is our aim. This can be from managing lateness, underperforming and what to do about it through to dealing with a disciplinary issue and a possible dismissal. We ensure that you get it right.


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