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At Hair & Beauty HR we know how stressful it can be when things go wrong in your beauty salon or spa...


Issuing the right employment contract to your staff can be a worry, are the contracts enforceable, do they protect the business if someone leaves and attempts to take some of your customers. At Hair & Beauty HR we make employment contract a simple process ensuring that the written statement is legally compliant looking at the contractual terms and non-contractual terms including any restrictive covenants to protect your business.


The employee handbook is a valuable and vital resource and reference point for any business and helps ensures consistency of treatment for all staff. Whilst a staff handbook is not a legal requirement it is a great way of housing all the legally required terms and conditions including policies such as disciplinary and grievance, sickness absence, holidays and booking leave, appraisals and so on. At Hair & Beauty HR we make it easy and simple to develop the right policies for your business.


All employers are required by law, as a minimum, to outline their disciplinary rules and procedures in your employees’ written statement of terms and conditions. Also ensuring that your policy follows the basic principles of ACAS code of practice. There are lots of common mistakes that employers make when dismissing staff, which is why the employment tribunal claims have increased significantly over the last few years. We are here to keep you out of the employment tribunal process and to protect your business.


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